Become A Client

Every time you try to take one step forward on your
project or business, circumstances - and excuses -
seem to sever that attempt with the precision of a samurai.

There you sit with the immortal words of Vanilla Ice
running through your mind,

- “Will it ever stop?
    Yo - I don't know.

-  Yo, you don’t know.
   That is the scary part.

   And that is where
    I come in.

You don't need to get ready,
set and start something
You need to get ready, set
and finish something.

Because you’re tired of:

  • Lying about how many clients you have
  • Figuring out what to start, what to finish or what to let go of
  • Having to portray confidence but not being able to feel it
  • Deciding how to spread word of what you’re doing
  • Figuring out how to write compelling copy
  • Choosing what to do next
  • Guessing how to grow your business
  • Being the judge, the jury, the executioner AND the custodian on every decision


As an entrepreneur,

You will be judged
on what you finish.

A prototype, a project, a product,
a proposal, a pitch, a promo, a package,
a presentation, or a plethora of other things.

Alas, this is the life of the entrepreneur.
Instead of doing one thing,
you must do everything.

But who’s helping you not only solve the problems you currently have,
but helping you find the right problems to tackle?
Who’s looking out for you while you’re looking out for your company?

No matter your ‘prenuer, increasing
your revenue is part of the game,
but my time is worthless if I only help
increase your bottom line and you’re
still two seconds away from abandoning
your mental post, leaving the
gorillas to run the banana factory.

To be your best at what you want to do today, you not only first have to decide what is most important to work on, you then have to put in the focused work to see it through,
but you have to be in the right mindset tonight
to do it all again tomorrow.

you are your business.
There can’t be one without the other.



You’re a “but I” person.

“I work for such and such company, but I (fill in the blank) ________________.”

  • Have a blog on the side
  • Really want to be a travel writer
  • Want to start an online store
  • Am thinking of starting my own business
  • Am really passionate about education

You don’t know if you want
a full fledged business on the side but you want something to point at, somehow. Because you want your legacy on this planet to be something other than, “The person who sent a lot of emails and who was cc’d on a bunch more.”

You’re tired of saying all the things you should do but aren’t doing. You don’t need inspiration, you’re looking for a little direction.

You’re hungry,
just a little misguided.

You don’t necessarily want a million bucks, you want to feel like a million bucks. Because there’s no way you’re having a midlife crisis.

No. Way. Not you.

Change takes time but it has to start one day.

I’m not your life coach,
I’m your today coach.


Starter’s Block
The 60-Minute “Get Unstuck”
Call $247

This is for the ‘preneur who just needs one heavy dose of insight to dislodge your spinning tire.

We set aside 60 minutes for me and you to chat (Phone, Skype, Google+).
You will leave the call with:

  • A Road Map - Written actionable next steps for your business/project that you can digest
    (not literally)

  • I Never Thought of it That Way! - A renewed sense of purpose and focus about what you
    need to be working on next, or letting go of now

  • Hearing Damage - I continually fail to find a way to speak softly on telephonic devices


The Spotter
One-Month Coaching
Relationship $1147

For those who need more than a bandaid or a quick fix. You’re looking to invest some real
time into your pursuits and to lay some sort of a foundation behind your efforts.
Is your niche correct? Do you need an opt-in page? Do have any idea what you are doing?

For this month you’ll get:

  • Mission Control - Four 1-hour Skype/Google+ conversations; There’s nothing like 2-D
    face-to-face when 3-D face-to-face isn’t possible

  • It’s google, except for your life - You can email me day and night whatever your heart
    desires. Think you’re crazy for having an idea? Want to pick my brain on some copy you wrote?
    About to jump off the dock with lead boots on? Email me first and I’ll get right back to you

  • Everything but that morning cup of coffee - I will send you insights even when you
    don’t ask for it. As your co-pilot, your success, is my success. That guy peeking into your window
    checking up on things will be me (Well, figuratively speaking. Call the cops on that other guy.)

  • If only you had a contact at _____, Inc! - You’ll have access to my network whenever
    it’s necessary or whenever it makes sense

  • A time machine - You’ll get clear on what is working and what isn’t working so that at the end
    of the month you won’t recognize the person who was you 4 weeks ago


The Last Mile
Three-Month Coaching
Relationship $2,497 (Save $444)

In essence, you want a business partner who doesn’t want any equity.

This is what the 3-month relationship is. We’ll uncover every hidden hurdle and turn you into a finishing machine with new bounds of clarity, purpose, sanity and income.
It’s not just a relationship, it’s a metamorphosis. You’ll get everything that the One-Month Coaching gets you except 2 more months of it!

Interested in any of the above and
not sure how to contain your excitement?
Here’s how it works:

Fill out the questionnaire below.
Have fun with it. Be you. If you don’t
know your ‘preneur yet, find out.

Yes, you can be more than one at once.

I will review the questionnaire and get back to you in case anything is not jiving. Or I’ll run for the hills if your Superhero Name (you’ll see) is “Black Death” or something like that.

We’ll have some back and forths over email and then I’ll send you a more in-depth questionnaire so I can know as much as possible about you and your conundrum before our first call

Hors d'oeuvres and appetizers will be handled up front so that from minute one of our first call, we can get into the main course. This reduces the “So tell me what you do exactly” portion of the call that would take up 30 unnecessary minutes.

You and I will settle on a time for that first call and then BAM, the starter’s gun goes off and we’re on our way.

For those on the 1 or 3 month track, you will have email access to me at all times (well I guess you always technically have one way email access to anyone but what I mean is that I will reply to your email, and quickly to boot).


The current state of your union? What has caused you
to fill out this questionnaire?

What service are you interested in?


From a keynote speech to 3-day workshops, I get a bit jazzed up when I’m front of a room of people.
I’ve brought versions of my classes/talks into companies and universities that need an injection of
accountability with some personality on the side.

If you’d like to discuss the possibilities, please reach out to me via email as this would be a service
tailored to your exact need. Of course, “tailored” can even include me being able to sip scotch during
my presentation. (Kidding)

Some of the talks/workshops have been around these topics:

Creating Certainty
from Uncertainty

Why is this important?

  • There is too much information for you to sift through
  • Deadlines need to be hit
  • You like feeling that you are in control of something

I deconstruct the behavioral psychology behind focus, choices, and regret
to help everyone walk away with a concrete understanding of why control is an illusion
but at the same time, how it is necessary in your day-to-day operations.

  • You'll learn how things like the circles you keep, perfectionism, busy work, over-thinking and a lack
    of social accountability are large hurdles holding your company back

  • You'll learn how mini goals, mindsets, habits, less analysis, “up periscope” and action triggers can
    help you or your employees from freaking out

  • You'll learn that you can't trust your conscious brain to steer your ship
  • You'll see what the 5-layers of "why" can do
  • You’ll see why adding even one or two options to a decision can greatly increase your success
  • We'll discuss how setting a long-term goal has the chance to cloud what you need to do today
  • We’ll uncover why behavior is so hard to change no matter what the incentive

Digital Charisma

Why is this important?

  • The majority of your work with clients and staff is email based
  • Not everyone is persuaded by the same things
  • Everything needs to be done yesterday
  • You often have to come up with new ideas on the spot
  • You find yourselves saying, “We should do…” or “He shouldn’t be…” too much

In this workshop we will deconstruct the behavioral psychology behind
communication, motivation and relationships
so that everyone understands
that how you say something is freakishly more important than what you are saying.
Things get done because someone, somewhere, finishes something.

But there are a plethora of impediments that can derail any process at any moment, like:

  • Improper brainstorming techniques
  • Unclear directives/messaging
  • An uninspired or underappreciated staff
  • The myth of time management
  • When everything is a priority, nothing is