Online Products

Oh so you don’t want to have to
fill out questionnaires
and get on Skype
and get vulnerable with me?

Ok I get it.

That’s why I created my
online course.

It is a private,


module course

that was created so that by the end of it:

  • You will be able to identify and face with confidence all the
    impediments that hold you back from accomplishing your goals

  • You will understand the importance of mindset and how to shift it
    to have it work for you

  • You will understand why it’s important to articulate your fears

  • You will learn where to start when you don’t know where to start

  • You will learn how to stay on track even when the wheels are coming off

  • You will learn why the people around you might be the most important
    factor to you achieving your goals

This course insight is brought to you through:

  • 2 hours of video lessons from me (you can always minimize the screen
    if you get tired of looking at my face. I know I would!)

  • Over 3 hours of interviews with 5 extremely successful professionals
    all of whom are adept at overcoming excuses in their lives and careers
    -   Ishita Gupta
    -   Elizabeth Grace Saunders
    -   Jenny Blake
    -   Ari Meisel
    -   Derek Sivers

  • 10 worksheets you will actually use
    to fortify your goal-setting strategy

This course is not just about
tested productivity tactics,

because a tactic on its own
is worthless
if you don’t understand
the strategy it rests upon.

Rest assured, your excuses will come out to derail you,
in the beginning, the middle, or right at the end
of whatever it is you’re reaching for.

But you can’t navigate the hurdles in front of you if you
don’t understand the excuses your brain transforms them into.

And it’s only $99.


Hurry, before I change my mind.

You’ll see more details
on the course page here.

The Accountability Effect:

The Book Your Excuses Don’t Want To Read.

While you can of course get the pdf version of the book by signing up for the newsletter on this site right here: (gentle prodding), you can also buy the kindle version or hard copy on

Why would you want to spend money when you don’t have to? Well:

Maybe you want to have a book on your coffee table that you can point to when you have visitors over and say,

“Oh my gosh, have you read this book? You have to.
It will only take you 45 minutes and it will change your life.”
(Just a hypothetical conversation, of course.)

Or maybe you don’t care about all those cool illustrations of Al (gasp!)
and you read much better and more efficiently on your Kindle.

What illustrations?

These illustrations